Rich spiritual lessons can be gained from the following groups of texts. D.A. 476, 477.  

·             Sweeping

There are eight texts which speak of sweeping. A careful study of these texts aid in sweeping sin from our lives that we may never be swept from the earth by the Lord’s besom of destruction. Judges 5:21; Jer. 46:15; Prov. 28:3; Isa. 14:23; 28:17; Matt. 12:43, 44; Luke 11:25; 15:8-10.

·             Washing Dishes

Poorly done illustrates a hypocrite. Matt. 23:25, 26. Thorough work illustrates God’s work, 2 Kings 21:13. Washing cooking utensils, Lev. 6:28.  

·             Door

Christ the door, John 10:7. Open, Rev. 3:8. Shut, Rev. 3:20. Door of hope, Hosea 2:15. Door of faith, Acts 14:27. Everlasting doors, Ps. 24:7. Door-keeper, Ps. 84:10.  

·             Nail

Christ a nail in a sure place. Isa. 22:23. Support large as well as small vessels, Isa. 22:24. No trial too great nor too small to take to Christ.