The launching of the little Bible Handbook into the great  stream of literature, carrying the glad news of the soon appearing of Christ, is the response to many requests from friends.

The Bible Handbook is not an exhaustive study; but contains suggestive texts on important lines of thought. The “cream” of the Bible studies printed in the Bible Training School during the last seventeen years is presented in this book, with other Bible studies not previously printed.

For lack of space we have given simply groups of texts on some subjects. In many of the Bible studies reference is given to the works of Mrs. E. G. White. These references give additional light upon the subjects under consideration

The Bible Handbook contains over 220 Bible studies and groups of texts. We send it forth with the prayer that it may aid many in becoming better acquainted with the Book of all books,-the Bible, thus encouraging them to become soul-winners for their Lord and Master.

S. N. H

Abbreviations For Titles Of Books Referred To In The Bible Handbook

  • G.C. Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan
  • P.P. Patriarchs and Prophets
  • P.K. The Story of Prophets and Kings
  • D.A. The Desire of Ages
  • A.A. The Acts of the Apostles
  • M.H. Ministry of Healing
  • C.O.L. Christ’s Object Lessons
  • C.T. Christian Temperance
  • E.W. Early Writings
  • G.W. Gospel Workers
  • L.S. Life Sketches
  • E. Education
  • T. Testimonies for the Church
  • v. Volume